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Ironic sarcasm

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Another hat tip to KnightOfTheOldeCode on the BFA Forum:

Brent Larkin has penned an oh so smug anti-restaurant carry piece for The Plain Dealer.  Here is what I think of it:

“Bless today the itsy-bitsy hearts of Ohio Senate members so dedicated to making this state a safer place for us all.
And bless, too, the dozens of members of the Ohio House who, if given a chance, will join their 25 caring colleagues in the Senate in allowing gun-toting patrons to take their weapons into bars and restaurants that serve alcohol.

Larkin neglects to mention that “gun-toting patrons” are already allowed “to take their weapons into bars and restaurants that serve alcohol.”  Those patrons happen to be off-duty police officers.  But that’s okay, law enforcement obviously receive special training that make them immune to the effects of alcohol.

After all, we all know restaurants like Pizza Hut and Applebee’s can be dangerous places. So the legislature wants to make sure that, when gunfire erupts, concealed-carry permit holders will be there to restore order.”

Larkin’s sarcasm is entirely unwarranted.  There is nothing magical about a restaurant, as the following sample list of senseless slaughter should make clear:

Luby’s Cafeteria

Johnny’s Sports Bar

Luigi’s Restaurant

Yoyito’s Restaurant and Cafeteria


Captain D’s

Dunkin’ Donuts

Burger King and McDonald’s


“And in the rare event a mother and her children get caught in the crossfire? Well, sometimes defense of the Second Amendment can be a bit messy.”

Larkin seems to be one of those gun control types who believe that a mother and child being methodically executed by someone like George Pierre Hennard in a gun-free-zone are morally superior those killed in a gunfight.  He also seems to think that several minutes of an active shooter executing people uncontested will yield fewer innocent victims than an exchange of gunfire lasting seconds.  The police obviously don’t agree, since they shot Hennard when they arrived in the middle of his shooting spree.

“When it passed the guns-in-bars bill, the Senate was also quite clever in the way it tossed a couple bones to the anti-gun nuts. Whereas the zealots wanted an “opt in” provision requiring bar and restaurant owners to affirmatively welcome gun owners, senators gave the establishments the right to opt out — presumably by placing one of those tiny stickers on the door that few will see.”

The size of the sign or sticker is at the discretion of the owner.  Larkin is saying that either the owners are not competent enough to put a sign where it is visible, or are making them hard to see intentionally.  So these owners don’t want guns in their establishment, but won’t go to the effort to make sure people entering the establishment know this.  Yeah, that makes sense.

“Senators also prohibited permit holders who bring weapons into the bars and restaurants from drinking alcohol (wink, wink). After all, bars in Ohio are loaded with customers who sit for hours on end tossing down glasses of Diet Coke.”

So one to five years in prison for commuting a felony in the third degree is a “wink, wink.”  He also seems to be implying that the aforementioned off-duty law-enforcement officers can’t help but get plastered when they go armed into a restaurant or decide to enjoy some wings at the local sports bar.  Personally I prefer cranberry juice as my teetotaler’s bar drink of choice, but to each their own.

“But senators weren’t only clever. They were courageous.

Never does a day pass without Gov. John Kasich promising to make Ohio a business-friendly state. And because 25 senators know what’s best for business, they ignored the heated objections to this law from every single business that would be affected by the new law — not to mention law-enforcement groups.”

Yep, there is nothing business friendly about trying to bring back all the customers along the state’s border lost to restaurants in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia where no such ban exists.  Also, these are the same law-enforcement groups that testified that cops can drink because of the aforementioned special training that make them immune to the effects of alcohol.

“Richard Mason, lobbyist for the 5,000-member Ohio Restaurant Association, foolishly suggested that ‘alcohol and guns are not a good mix.’ And Jacob Evans, general counsel for the 1,000-member Ohio Licensed Beverage Association, was way out of line to claim, ‘This just doesn’t make any sense. There are some places in urban areas where this is just a recipe for disaster.'”

Funny how the forty two states, including all our aforementioned neighbors, that don’t have this kind of ban aren’t drowning in blood, even the ones that have “places in urban areas where this is just a recipe for disaster.”  It is almost like this is just another ‘chicken little’ argument that can’t be backed up with facts.

“As proof of how out of touch the restaurant and bar owners are on this issue, they actually made book with the lunatic fringe. Toby Hoover of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence was nothing short of irrational, accusing some legislators of caring nothing about facts, but concerned only with ‘doing whatever the gun lobby tells them to do.'”

Dramatic irony: irony that is inherent in speeches or a situation of a drama and is understood by the audience but not grasped by the characters in the play.

There is more in the article but nothing worth commenting on.

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April 24, 2011 at 7:39 pm

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