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Why You Should Spend a 2 Bill at Starbucks on Feb. 14

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TheTruthAboutGuns: Why You Should Spend a 2 Bill at Starbucks on Feb. 14.


TTAG commentator Greg responded to the National Gun Victims Action Council recent announcement of a Valentine’s Day Starbucks boycott by organizing a BUYcott. Greg’s asking gun owners to reward Starbucks for its firearms policy bybuying a beverage or food item with a two dollar bill (representing the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms) on February 14th. Not forgetting to “thank the clerk for Starbucks’ support of the Constitution.”

I have three different Starbucks in the general area, so I plan to do this at all three.

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January 26, 2012 at 7:49 pm

It’s official

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June 30, 2011 at 4:33 pm

SB17 and HB 54 passed

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BFA: OH General Assembly passes SB17 (Restaurant & Car Carry Rules Fix) and HB54 (Restoration of Rights); Kasich will sign!

Hot diggity dog!

As an aside, I’m amazed Clayton Luckie is let out in public, let alone able to hold public office.

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June 16, 2011 at 2:09 pm

Tracking Turncoats

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The following OFCC endorsed State Representatives voted against HB45:

HD5 Gerald Stebelton (R)
HD7 Kenny Yuko (D)
HD20 Nancy Garland (D)
HD47 Teresa Fedor (D)
HD61 Mark Okey (D)

The following BFA endorsed State Representatives voted against HB45:

HD7 Kenny Yuko (D)
HD21 Mike Duffey (R)
HD49 Matthew Szollosi (D)
HD57 Matt Lundy (D)
HD59 Ronald Gerberry (D)
HD61 Mark Okey (D)
HD62 Lorraine Fende (D)
HD73 Jay Goyal (D)

You’ll note that Okey and Yuko are on both lists, which means they lied to a lot of people.

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May 11, 2011 at 8:13 pm

The wall of shame

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This is the list of Representatives who voted against HB45. Names in bold also voted against HB54.

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May 11, 2011 at 5:24 pm

HB54 and HB45 pass in Ohio House

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House Bill 54

Passed 78-18.  Even more support than I had hoped for.

House Bill 45

Passed 56-40.  I would have pegged it if not for Todd McKenney.

It’s not a done deal yet, these have to go through the senate and Gov. Kasich, who might Taft us, but it’s looking good.

Details on the debate, including the various attempts to sabotage HB45 can be found at the BFA website.

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May 11, 2011 at 2:21 pm

Eyes on ayes

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Here is the list of current Ohio House Representatives.  50 of them were endorsed by the Buckeye Firearms Association and are marked as such.  I’m assuming the OFCC and NRA endorsements were the same (Update: I was wrong about that).  One of those, Matt Lundy, has already gone back on his word.

With HB45 and HB54 being voted on today we’ll know exactly who honors their word vs who the Lundys are.

There are 49 remaining endorsees, so that should be the minimum number of yes votes these bills will get.  According to Anomaly of OFCC‘s Reptracker though, not every endorsee is a committed yes.

Representative Grossman is a highly probable yes vote.  Representative Fende is a likely yes but not yet committed.  Representative Hall has not committed to a vote.  Representative Szollosi has not committed to a vote.  Representative Goyal has not committed to a vote.  Representative Duffey has not committed to a vote.  Representative Yuko is a probable but not committed no vote.  Representative Gerberry is a probable no vote.  I’m not sure if there is anyone else.

There are also seven (six Rs and one D) B* (pro-2A campaign but no voting record) scored reps who didn’t get endorsements.  I would like to believe they’ll all vote yes, but we’ll see.  Three are a HB45 cosponsors, so that’s good.  Three others have said they’ll vote for the the bill as written, also good.

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May 11, 2011 at 8:20 am

Ohio’s Restaurant Carry & Restoration of Rights legislation being voted on Wednesday

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BFA: Ohio’s Restaurant & Carry Carry Rules Fix (HB45) and Restoration of Rights legislation (HB54) scheduled for vote in House

Ohio House Speaker Bill Batchelder (R) has scheduled two pieces of pro-gun legislation for a vote in the House on Wednesday afternoon, May 11.

Email your Ohio representative tonight and call their office first thing tomorrow.  They need to know that we are involved, invested, and intent on seeing this pass.

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May 10, 2011 at 8:06 pm

“Lundy Listens,” but only to the sound of his own voice

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Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner has a new article up on the continuing saga of turncoat politician Matt Lundy of the Ohio House of Representatives.

Lundy characterized such robberies and attacks, such as the one that left Suzanna Hupp an orphan (23 dead and another 20 wounded) as “hypothetical scenarios”. In other words, in his mind, it never happened. This was a direct slap in the face to this courageous lady and all of the victims that suffered tragic losses that day. It is also an admission that the word of a police union spokesperson carries more weight that the obituary. 

As if that were not bad enough, there was also this:

Representative Lundy proposed an amendment to HB 45 that would make concealed carry permit holders personal information public record. Fortunately the amendment was rejected; however, if it had been adopted, it would have been the equivalent of hanging a big sign on CHL holders’ doors saying “We’re not home and we have guns.” As one lady pointed out, “we can’t be home all of the time.” Criminals are not stupid; they’re not going to try to invade your home with you present. They will watch and wait until they know your schedules as well as you do. It’s called “casing the joint.” 

When confronted on this point, Lundy reportedly said, “Well, do you know my background? I was a journalist“.  The man’s arrogance is astounding.

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May 8, 2011 at 11:44 am

Your point being…

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California is a model of sensible gun laws. Its universal background check system, strong gun dealer regulations, and assault clip ban are just some of the laws that provide a road map to preventing gun violence. Meanwhile, Arizona, Alaska, and Utah do not have a single common sense gun law on their books, according to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

According to the FBI, four star California has more than double the rate of violent crime that zero star Utah has, and four times the murder rate. Other “good” three star Brady states, like New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, all have much higher rates than Utah as well. The least violent states in America, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire, all have failing, zero star grades from Brady.

So by Brady’s own measure, there is no correlation between “common sense gun laws” and lower rates of violence.

I also have to say that I feel rather insulted.  For all the wailing and gnashing of teeth by Brady and their cohorts over the proposal to legalize restaurant carry in Ohio, Brady doesn’t consider “banning guns in bars” to be worth a single point on their score sheet.  It is almost as if, “A lot of it was much to do about nothing,” (Hat tip to Say Uncle)

Update: Cam Edwards breaks down and analyzes a press conference on this exact topic held by the Brady Campaign at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on Wednesday for NRA News.

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May 5, 2011 at 5:31 pm