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Quote of the Day: Transparancy

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July 17, 2012 at 1:46 pm

A Story That Needs To Be Told

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Gun Rights Examiner: ‘Blood on their hands’ seeks to document truth about Fast and Furious

“We have launched our new film project ‘Blood on their Hands,” COPS (Citizen’s Organization for Public Safety) Productions CEO Mike McNulty writes in an email to friends and supporters introducing an effort to fund and produce  a documentary on government misdeeds resulting in Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” crimes.

This needs to happen.  I wish it could happen before the election, but that’s not realistic.

That said, the film may not get made. Funding for documentaries has always been difficult to obtain without well-resourced backers, and interest in the film community and among their foundation and individual benefactors in exposing the government’s part in sanctioning “gunwalking” is practically nonexistent. In order to deal with that reality, McNulty has turned to us.

He’s established a budget goal of $389,500 which he explains on a “Kickstarter” fundraising page where he’s soliciting individual contributors like you to back this project. Minimum donations start at $1, with progressive contributor thresholds and incentives.  It will only be funded if the budget goal is met by May 24, 11:33 pm EDT.  Importantly, because the question is a natural, albeit a pessimistic one, per Kickstarter policy, “if the project falls short no one is charged.”

I’m in for at least $50.  I might kick in more in a couple weeks.  Given the size of the 2nd Amendment community, there is no excuse for this to not be funded. At the time this was posted, the project has $224, mine included.

Written by BornLib

April 25, 2012 at 2:08 pm

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Gunrunner just keeps getting worse

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I haven’t been posting much about the F&F scandal lately.  The truth is, I just can’t keep up with all the insanity surrounding this government led disaster.

Mike Vanderboegh over at his blog, the Sipsey Street Irregulars, has been keeping up with it though.  Go read his blog, and keep going back every day.

As for Fast and Furious itself, we’re looking at something that is as bad as Iran/Contra and Watergate combined.

Not only do we have the ATF in Arizona walking guns into Mexico, we have the ATF in Florida walking guns into Honduras.  We also have every reason to think the same thing was going on in Texas.  There question is no longer whether other branches of the ATF were involved, but how many more.

I have to wonder whether any California branches were involved.  They might have consciously excluded them in an effort to make California gun control laws look more effective than they really are.  Of course that relies on the assumption that these people are even remotely competent.  Time will tell.

A sample of Sean’s wit, “Am I the only person on the planet that didn’t get guns from the ATF?” is now available as a T-shirt.  This is likely to be the only good thing to come out of this whole sorry mess, so go order one.

Written by BornLib

July 11, 2011 at 12:07 pm

GunWalker: An even bigger disaster than I imagined

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A week ago I asked, “I’m trying to think of a good a reasonable purpose in selling them so many, but I just can’t see it.  If they thought they could track each weapon, why would such a large volume be needed?  If they knew they would lose track of them, why do this at all?

Now I have my answer:

It has long puzzled observers of the case how the ATF planned to keep track of over 1,700 firearms dumped into Mexico by this operation.  Based on agent testimony before the House Oversight Committee, it looks like there was never any real thought given to tracking the weapons.  The geniuses who designed the Gun Walker concept and its “Operation Fast and Furious” were just waiting for crimes to be committed with the guns, presumably against Mexican civilians.  They planned to work backward from chalk outlines in Mexico to straw purchases in the United States.

So the short answer was, to the ATF bigwigs the ends justify the means.  Not that their ends were anything to crow about.

The plan was a miserable, bloody failure.  “Unfortunately, ATF never achieved the laudable goal of dismantling a drug cartel,” the House Oversight report concludes. “In fact, ATF never got close.”  After eighteen months, the program produced only twenty indictments… and all of them were gun buyers who were known to the ATF before Operation Fast and Furious began. The committee blasted claims of sweeping success by Special Agent in Charge William Newell as “incredible, false, and a source of much frustration to the agents” who voiced their concerns.

Of course it was a failure. This whole “operation” was even more hare-brained, half-assed, and cold-blooded than even a cynic like me could believe possible.  Yet again we see the wanton disregard for individual life that seems to be the hallmark of the bureaucrat.

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June 15, 2011 at 8:03 pm

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CBS: ‘Gunwalker’ guns linked to helicopter shooting

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Hat tip to SayUncle:

‘Gunwalker’ guns linked to helicopter shooting

CBS News has learned that the recent case of a Mexican military helicopter forced to land after it was fired upon is linked to the ATF Fast and Furious “gunwalker” operation.

How many bloody guns has the ATF sold to the cartels? This article says more than 2,500, which is double the number I saw reported a month ago.  I’m trying to think of a good a reasonable purpose in selling them so many, but I just can’t see it.  If they thought they could track each weapon, why would such a large volume be needed?  If they knew they would lose track of them, why do this at all?

Unfortunately, the cartels have been getting plenty of military grade weapons from the US government without bothering with the ATF at all.  Complete insanity.

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June 8, 2011 at 8:55 pm

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Gunwalker Congressional hearings start June 13th

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CBS: Congress set for first ‘gunwalker’ hearing

The first in a series of Congressional hearings into the so-called “gunwalker” scandal is set for Monday, June 13th. The title:”Obstruction of Justice: Does the Justice Department Have to Respond to a Lawfully Issued and Valid Congressional Subpoena?”

My money is on “yes.”

Written by BornLib

June 7, 2011 at 3:21 pm

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DEA Agents Refuse To Turn Over ATF Guns

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Hat tip to Maddened Fowl:

DEA to ATF: Yes, we have some of the guns you sold to drug-runners. No, you can’t have them back.

The federal drug agents discovered the AK-47-type assault rifles wrapped in cellophane and hidden inside two giant trash barrels. Agents believe the confiscated weapons were heading to drug cartels in Mexico. Problem is, a serial number on at least one of the weapons traces back to the ATF.

It was known as the “Fast and Furious” program — a controversial gunrunning sting where the ATF allowed its own assault weapons to be sold on the streets. The hope was to track the guns as they passed through the hands of straw buyers and middle-men. The idea was to gain intelligence and take down a big-time Mexican cartel.

Even some of the most experienced agents inside the ATF were uncomfortable with the idea — especially after hundreds of the rifles disappeared.

Then in December, some of the ATF guns were found in the hands of the bandits who opened fire on Border Patrol agents in Southern Arizona. Agent Brian Terry was killed in the shootout. And the “Fast and Furious” program was publicly exposed.

Until then, not even the DEA knew about the gun operation. Now, sources told CBS 5 News the DEA is refusing to turn over the cache of weapons from its bust to the ATF.

It’s nice to know there is at least one Federal agency trying to take guns away from Mexican drug cartels rather than providing them.

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May 22, 2011 at 5:39 pm

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PM: ATF too busy breaking laws to enforce them

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Hat tip to SayUncle:

PajamasMedia: Obama’s ATF: Too Busy Gun Smuggling to Arrest Criminals?

A new report from Syracuse University researchers notes that the Obama administration fails to prosecute violent criminals who most likely contribute to gun-related violence. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is supposed to investigate and arrest those who violate federal gun laws (e.g., felons in possession, straw purchasers).

Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) reports that January 2011 was “the lowest level to which federal weapons prosecutions have fallen since January 2001, when they were 445 at the time President George W. Bush assumed office.”

Fighting crime by going after criminals? What a concept!

Written by BornLib

May 12, 2011 at 11:33 am

More on the investigation into Project Gunrunner

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Double hat tip to Say Uncle:

Senator Grassley tells Attorney General Holder: “You should check to see if you are getting accurate information from your staff. You might be ill-served.”

In a Feb. 4, 2011 letter to Sen. Grassley, the Justice Dept. had claimed whistleblower allegations were “false” and that “ATF makes every effort to interdict weapons that have been purchased illegally and prevent their transport to Mexico.” The Justice Dept. appeared to stand by those statements in a separate letter to Grassley yesterday stating: “It remains our understanding that ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious did not knowingly permit straw buyers to take guns into Mexico.”

 “(W)e were surprised and disappointed to see the Department repeat once again, in slightly different language, its denial…” reads the Grassley/Issa letter to Holder, sent today. “When questioned in transcribed interviews last week in Phoenix, agents with first-hand knowledge of ATF operations contradicted that claim.”

New Project Gunrunner documents peg top DOJ officials

Three Project Gunrunner documents Rep. Darrell Issa, California Republican and House Oversight Committee chairman, released on Wednesday show high-ranking Justice Department officials were aware of Operation Fast and Furious and that there was a consistent administration policy that allowed American guns to be “walked” into Mexican drug cartels’ possession.

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May 4, 2011 at 7:33 pm

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AG Eric Holder testifies on Project Gunrunner

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Patterico: Issa Eviscerates Holder on Gunrunner

ISSA: Mr. Attorney General, we have two Border Patrol agents who are dead, who were killed by guns that were allowed, as far as we can tell, to deliberately walk out of gun shops under the program often called Fast and Furious. This program, as you know — and the President’s been asked about it, you’ve been asked about it – allowed for weapons to be sold to straw purchasers, and ultimately, many of those weapons are today in the hands of drug cartels and other criminals. When did you first know about the program, officially, I believe, called Fast and Furious? To the best of your knowledge, what date?

HOLDER: I’m not sure of the exact date but I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.

Watch the full video for more.

Holder will be testifying again today, this time  in a Senate oversight hearing.

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May 4, 2011 at 7:29 am

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