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Talk of Syrian Intervention

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From DrewM and AceOfSpadesHQ: Watch Out…Bipartisan Calls For Military Invovement In Syria

And from HotAir: McCain and Graham on Syria: Obama’s “red line” has been crossed, so it’s time to take action

I’ve mentioned the Syrian conflict on the blog before, and at the time I more or less was operating under a knee-jerk reaction that we could use this chance to topple an antagonistic regime. Over time it seems more and more likely though that the people Assad is fighting are no friends of ours.  Plus the fact that minority groups in Syria (Christians, Jews, etc) have more to be afraid of from the rebels than the brutal autocrat gives me pause.  My current mindset is that we should just stay out of it and let the two sides bleed each other white.

There are no Jacksonian or Jeffersonian arguments in favor of intervention.  Graham’s argument is, if I understand the school of thought properly, a distinctly Hamiltonian one.  I’m not all that clear on what Levin hopes to accomplish, so I’m not clear if he’s trying to use a Hamiltonian or Wilsonian argument, but I think it’s the later.

Either way looks to me like plans to waste American treasure, and possibly blood, on half-assed and half-baked strategies doomed to failure.  We already have plenty of those.

Written by BornLib

March 19, 2013 at 9:33 pm

Posted in Arab Spring

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