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What I wrote to congress today

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Since so many of us seem to be in a sharing mood, here is what I wrote to my senators today:

I oppose S. 33: Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act of 2013 because not only does it go against the spirit of the 2nd Amendment which makes clear an inalienable right of all good citizens, but this proposed legislation runs counter to our core principle of equality.

The citizens, who are the very targets of criminal violence and malice, should not be denied the same tools of self defense employed by law enforcement and other public servants for that very purpose. To do so is to create a rank of second class citizens defined solely by occupation. This has no place in a free, egalitarian and democratic society.

Bitter experience has shown us that capacity bans don’t prevent or mitigate mass shootings. The Rio de Janeiro school shooting made this crystal clear.

In contrast, to the informed, there is no doubt as the the defensive utility of magazines of capacity higher than 10. Over and over we have seen law enforcement overwhelmed by riots and natural disasters, leaving citizens without police protection from violent mobs and gangs. Against such overwhelming force it was the high capacity magazine fed rifle, not the double barreled shotgun, that preserved them.

I wrote it in a way that I hoped would appeal to Brown as well as Portman.

Written by BornLib

February 4, 2013 at 5:20 pm

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