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Man Attacks Ex-Girlfriend Inside Ohio Courtroom Where Victim Was Seeking Order Of Protection | The Smoking Gun.

Greene and Morrow were in the Summit County courtroom for a hearing in connection with Morrow’s application this month for a restraining order against Greene, whom she has accused of making threats and abusing her.

After Magistrate Tracy Stoner briefly departed the small courtroom, Greene appears to begin yelling and gesticulating at Morrow, who sits placidly at a conference table. The video, which does not have audio, shows Greene jumping to his feet and chasing Morrow around the table.

When his grandmother tried to step in front of him, Greene shoved her into a wall. Greene then pounced on Morrow, who had stumbled to the floor. As he pummeled Morrow, Greene was confronted by a sheriff’s deputy who subdued him with the aid of a stun gun.

Even after the deputy entered the room Greene kept attacking her for five seconds before he was incapacitated with a taser.  If this had been a 911 call what would have happened to her?

Records indicate that an Akron Municipal Court judge yesterday signed a temporary protection order barring Greene from having contact with Morrow.


You know I would much rather see this woman become a gun owner than a crime statistic, but I guess that is what makes me a crazy redneck.

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January 30, 2013 at 5:20 pm

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