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Senator Barbara Boxer attempting to eliminate constitutional carry and shall-issue permit laws

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Just like she does every year.

From Gunfreezone: And in the “Osculate my Rear End” Category

Here is the relevant part, as taken from a previous version of her proposed legislation:

‘(C) demonstrate good cause for requesting a concealed firearm permit; and

That would mean making may-issue the national standard, but only for the states that allow concealed carry.  Those that forbid it would be allowed to continue to do so.

In case you are not familiar with the fundamental flaws of may-issue permit systems, here is a quote from lawyer Stefan B. Tahmassebi’s article “Gun Control and Racism” (which you should read all of) to spell out out:

The worst abuses at present occur under the mantel of racially neutral laws that are, however, enforced in a discriminatory manner. 

In many jurisdictions which require a discretionary gun permit, police departments have wide discretion in issuing a permit, and those departments unfavorable to gun ownership, or to the race, politics, or appearance of a particular applicant frequently maximize obstructions to such persons while favored individuals and groups experience no difficulty in the granting of a permit.

Written by BornLib

January 28, 2013 at 6:50 pm

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