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President Obama’s new gun-control proposals

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On a side none one of my, I’ll be generous and call hims left-of-center, coworkers told me before the election that only a right-wing nut-job would believe that President Obama would support gun control.

Via HotAir: Obama unveils 23 executive actions on guns

My quick, dirty, and cynical take on the proposed executive actions:

#1 Language is too vague for me to parse.
#2 I’m guessing that “unnecessary legal barriers” is newspeak for “privacy.”
#3 sounds an awful lot like bribing the States into spying for them.
#4 will probably mean more people who like to smoke pot getting arrested, and not much else.
#5 Like this has ever been a problem.
#6 They already know how to do this, it’s called an FFL transfer.
#7 NRA. Been there, done that.
#8 Fewer people wasting their money on Stack-On maybe, but that’s it.
#9 If LE isn’t tracing it on their own, doesn’t that mean the information they could obtain by doing so has no value to their investigation?
#10 Expect report to conclude that most stolen guns wind up in the hands of criminals.
#11 Try to pick one that doesn’t suck for a change.
#12 Training provided by who?
#13 So going to try enforcing the law for a change?
#14 Oh goody, more government funded anti-gun propaganda! I can’t wait!
#15 So the AG is going to spend a bunch of time reading sci-fi novels? I approve.
#16 Accomplishment: making me lie to my doctor.
#17 Might be worth doing.
#18 Had to Google “school resource officers.” ‘Cops in schools’ doesn’t sound fancy enough I guess. IIRC, this was the NRA proposal that the left mocked so much.
#19 Try to create models that actually improve the chances of survival for a change.
#20-22 Moar gov healthcare!!!!
#23 Might be worth doing, but will probably just be used to push the Progressive agenda.

It’s the “four common-sense steps” that are the worst offenders of course.

#1 is he wants background checks on private gun sales. This will accomplish annoyance and expense for the law-abiding and nothing else.

#2 is he wants a new “Assault Weapons” ban and an arbitrary magazine capacity ban. Especially bad is his complaint that gun manufacturers “circumvented” a ban on cosmetic features by changing their cosmetic features. He also wants illegal ammunition that nobody uses to be more illegal. He’s also proposing that, I kid you not, we pass new laws against criminals breaking existing laws against them buying guns. He also wants a ban on the importation of old com-bloc guns to prevent the non-existent problem of them being converted to machine guns. He also doesn’t like how existing gun violence research undermines his agenda, so he wants more money for the CDC to conduct research more to his liking. He also wants to spend a bunch of taxpayer money on safety programs the NRA already conducts, which that is to say the government programs would be redundant wastes of money. He wants to use our own doctors to discourage gun ownership. He also wants more time and money invested in smart-gun science fiction.

#3 is he wants Federal money for school psychologists and “school resource officers.” He claims that, even unarmed, they will deter crime with their very presence.

#4 is more government healthcare, in this case explicitly for mental health. Sounds like a good idea, only the problem is generally that the crazy people chose to stop taking their meds. Government can’t fix the real problem, so their doing something else entirely and are just going to pretend that they accomplished something.

Sandy Hook is his justification for all of this, and yet, notice that not a single one of these proposals would have made the slightest difference. It’s like he doesn’t actually give a damn, and just wants an excuse to push an agenda. But that would be cynical of me. Accurate, but cynical.

Written by BornLib

January 16, 2013 at 4:15 pm

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