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New legislation to be proposed to regulate the sale of ammunition

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Bitter and Sebastian have pointed out another push being made by certain Democrats to interfere with American’s ability to provision our arms. 

From NJToday:

U.S. Senator Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ), Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY4) and advocates from the gun safety community announced new legislation being introduced this week that would restrict the sale of ammunition over the internet.

Much like a car with no gas in it, a gun with no bullets certainly would be safer.  It would also be useless, which is of course the point.  Don’t live near one of these as yet undefined licensed ammunition dealers?  Well too bad.

Like I said before, if you like your guns you can keep your guns, so long as you don’t put any bullets in them.

The bill, called the Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act, aims to keep Americans safe by limiting the ability to anonymously purchase unlimited quantities of ammunition through the internet or other mail-order means. It would also require that ammunition dealers report bulk sales of ammunition to law enforcement.

Anonymously?  Not only do these people know nothing about liberty or firearms, they apparently don’t know jack about the internet either.  Or do they seriously think you buy ammo online without giving your identity?  Do they have some fantasy that I transfer the funds from a secret Cayman Islands bank account and the company leaves a crate of Black Talons under a bridge for me to pick up under cover of darkness?

Apparently, yes.

“The Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act pulls ammunition sales out of the shadows and into the light, where criminals can’t hide and responsible dealers can act as a line of defense against the planning and stockpiling of a potential mass killer,” McCarthy said.

Of course as Bitter pointed out these new restrictions won’t actually do any of that.  So let us say this becomes law.  When this fails to prevent the next mass shooting, they’ll come back and tell us the law didn’t go far enough, and of course any “reasonable” person can see that the government must be allowed to curtail our rights.  They’ll do this over and over until we have nothing left.  This is how the left does things in America.

The man accused of killing 12 and injuring 58 in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater this month had purchased over 6,000 rounds of ammunition on the internet shortly before the shooting spree, according to law enforcement officials.

Of course, as The Duck reminds us, he had been planning this attack for 10 weeks, so he had more than enough time to ration his ammunition purchases.

As for the volume of ammo, it’s math time!  Assuming they were all the lighter .223 cartridges (they weren’t), that would be something on the order of 180 pounds of ammo.  Needless to say, he didn’t walk into that theater with 180 pounds of ammo on him.  They are trying to flaunt a big scary number in the hopes that nobody will actually look at how it translates to reality.

Like everything else the gun-grabbers want this proposal is all emotion and no logic.  Do not indulge them by allowing this.

Written by BornLib

July 30, 2012 at 7:48 pm

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