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Over at Sharp as a Marble the old “one in the chamber” debate is being revisted.

I was familiar with this argument before I ever bought my first pistol.  Aside from extreme situations such as the one described by M Gallo, I was fairly well convinced that the balance of risk versus reward favors keeping one in the chamber.  I would also add that the lawyer who taught part of my CCW class quite vehemently described carrying without a chambered round “idiocy”

There is, however, no substitute for experience.  So here is what I did.  When I bought my first carry pistol (XD) and first holster (nylon Uncle Mike’s IWB), I also bought snap caps.  I loaded a magazine with the caps, chambered the first cap, triple checked to make sure it was indeed a red plastic snap cap, and then put on the holster and put the pistol in it.

I carried it around like that all day.  It never went off.

So then I tried making every physical contortion I could while wearing it to see if any of them would make the pistol go “snap”  Didn’t happen.

Then I took the holster off, with the pistol still in it, and poked, prodded, massaged, slapped, squeezed and everything else I could think of in a deliberate attempt to make it snap while it was in the holster.  It could not be done, even when I was keeping the grip safety depressed.

Then I unholstered the pistol, checked that it was a snap cap in the chamber, again, pointed in a safe direction, and pulled the trigger.  SNAP.

I’ve been carrying with a round in the chamber ever since, albeit in a much more durable holster.

If you need to convince yourself that it is safe to carry this way, try what I did.  If it goes snap when it isn’t supposed to, either the gun or the holster needs to be replaced.

Written by BornLib

May 4, 2012 at 7:52 pm

Posted in Self defense

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