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5 Arrested For Mostly Peaceful Conspiracy To Bomb Cleveland Area Bridge

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Jim Treacher has, amongst other things, screenshots of the would-be bombers’ Facebook pages where they self-identify with either Occupy Cleveland or Occupy Wall Street:

DailyCaller: Occupiers try to blow up a bridge near Cleveland

Brandon “Skabby” Baxter has a well documented association with Occupy Cleveland, as it turns out:

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Occupy Cleveland disrupts sheriff’s sale of foreclosed properties

Brandon Baxter of Lakewood said he had no regrets for making sure people heard the message.

“I took the risk of getting arrested because I feel the powers that be, whoever they might be — on all levels of government and those who hold corporate power — are not listening because not enough people are actually taking a stance” against foreclosures, he said. “I was hoping that this would be a great way to get Cleveland more involved by showing the potential that a small group of dedicated people can have in making an impact. Even though we are not in any government position or in Congress, we do have the power.”

Brandon Blackwell, Cleveland photographer:

Occupy Cleveland organizer Brandon Baxter gets some shade in the Occupy Cleveland tent in downtown Cleveland on March 21, 2012.  Baxter, one of the few remaining members of Occupy Cleveland’s physical presence downtown, said the group has seen a sharp decline in numbers since last October because of increasing disorganization. “We need guidance,” he said.

Media Trackers: FBI Busts Occupy Cleveland Members in Alleged Bomb Plot

Posts on Occupy Cleveland’s Facebook page indicate that Baxter was involved in helping the organization organize and advertise events as recently as February 2012. Baxter and two of the other alleged co-conspirators — Joshua Stafford and Anthony Hayne — list Occupy Cleveland as their “Employer” on Facebook, where the three list one another as friends.

Jim Hoft also linked to this video where we see Brandon Baxtor at the Occupy Cleveland Camp.

He was by no means the only one with documented ties.  From Big Government:

Another of today’s suspects is Anthony Hayne, named previously in a report on Occupy Cleveland. “I just want to be very clear: we are not occupying Lakewood,” said Anthony Hayne, who is organizing the information session. Hayne, a Lakewood resident since 2001, said there will be about six or seven members of Occupy Cleveland, which stems from the Occupy Wall Street movement, at the table Saturday.

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May 1, 2012 at 6:55 pm

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