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What media bias?

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You have got to love how the author of the article managed to shoehorn in both a mention about Obama’s 2008 election and the shooting of Trayvon Martin in an article about pending legislation that would make modifications to Ohio concealed carry laws which are completely unrelated.

From the Dayton Daily News:

Five bills currently pending in the Ohio General Assembly would allow permit holders to carry their weapons in state-owned parking garages — such as below the Ohio Statehouse — loosen permit renewal requirements, eliminate required gun safety training and background checks and automatically expand the system for recognizing CCW permits issued by other states.

Relevance of any of that legislation to the shooting of Trayvon Martin?  None!  Zero!  Jack squat!

HB 256 would eliminate background checks and gun safety classes required for concealed carry permits, while HB 422 would repeal the requirement that a permit holder who is pulled over in a traffic stop alert law enforcement that he or she has a loaded weapon.

“Those two are bad law in a significant way,” Biehl said.

The sponsors of the bills could not be reached.

Duchak said the HB 422 could put both law enforcement officers and permit holders at risk.

If an officer is not informed and sees a gun “that person is going to be getting drawn down on,” he said. “That potentially puts the CCW holder in jeopardy.”

“This bill not only keeps the officer unsafe but it is completely unsafe for the permit holder.”

As Officer Adrenaline was kind enough to demonstrate, there is nothing safe about the duty to inform.

As for the required instruction, given how many legal traps there are laying out there for the armed citizen in Ohio, maybe it’s too soon to get rid of this.  Eventually it does have to go, as should the need for a permit, as requiring a government issued permit to exercise a civil right is insane.

Hoover said Ohio is on a slippery slope by constantly expanding the boundaries of what is legally permissible.
“First, you arm everyone because they’re law-abiding. Then you give them permission to shoot and then you wonder why you have the results you have as in Florida,” said Hoover. “Law-abiding is not a permanent condition.”

Gun control advocates assume everyone is a criminal in-waiting.

And to think that they call NRA members paranoid.

“Clearly the highest right in America is the right to life,” said Biehl. “Are we willing to have that right placed at risk because we think someone should be able to ‘stand their ground?’ ”

Showing your back to a violent attacker is this man’s idea of life.  Somehow, he can say with a straight face, that we have a right to life, but no right to defend that life when attacked.

This quote about Duty To Retreat laws, attributed to Massad Ayoob, which was sadly not part of the DDN article, sums it up best: “Nobody yet has outran a bullet and they don’t tell you how you are supposed to do it.”

Written by BornLib

April 25, 2012 at 11:40 am

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