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Brady’s Wishful Thinking

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Newser: Why Gun Sales Are at Record High

a recent Gallup poll found that 47% of American households own a gun, up from 41% just a year ago. Analysts say the number of first-time gun buyers and women buying guns has been rising for several years, with handguns selling especially well. The director of communications at the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, however, says this year’s surge is sales is a “one-time event” which may be “the result of marketing.”

Well, here’s what the Brady Campaign said in full:

But Caroline Brewer, a spokeswoman for the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, said the Black Friday sales surge “might say something about marketing” but didn’t reflect actual patterns in U.S. gun ownership.

“The trend that has been observed for decades now is that fewer and fewer Americans own guns, but those who do own continue to add to their stock,” Brewer said.

She cited the University of Chicago’s General Social Survey, which found that household gun ownership hit its peak in 1977, when 54 percent of American households reported having any guns. By 2010, this number had dropped to 32 percent.

I’m curious as to the methodology used by Gallup, but I’m will to wager it is better than the joke of a survey Brady bought and paid for.

Written by BornLib

December 9, 2011 at 10:21 pm

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