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Thanks to IMAO, I recently became aware of another conservative Ohio blogger, namely Hart and his blog That Hero.

He has a lot of good material, especially when it comes to Issue 2 / Senate Bill 5 and union efforts to sabotage efforts to reform collective bargaining in Ohio.

Hart in turn directed me towards the GOHP (Great OHio Perspective) Blog, another conservative blog and another great advocate for Issue 2.

I see Issue 2 as a fork in the road.  Voters will be choosing between the path towards a healthy and viable state economy like Texas, or a doomed one like California.  While this will not make or break Ohio by itself, it is a decision that will have far reaching effects and implications.  More people need to know about skilled advocates on this issue like these bloggers.

Written by BornLib

September 3, 2011 at 5:14 pm

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