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Media Matters’ David Brock: We are shills for the Democrats

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I’m paraphrasing, but only slightly.  Via Ace of Spades:

I had breakfast with Media Matters founder David Brock about 6 months ago to talk about his efforts to strengthen the Democratic party….


Brock also made clear that he saw his mission to try to the best of his ability to counteract Republican fundraising efforts, that had frankly exceeded in substance and sophistication, those of the Democrats.


Brock also made it clear to me that his focus was on the party, and providing and creating a level playing field for it and its advocates, rather than positioning himself as exclusively or even primarily as a media critic.

Remember this the next time someone points you to a Media Matters hit piece.

Written by BornLib

June 24, 2011 at 6:55 pm

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