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GunWalker: An even bigger disaster than I imagined

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A week ago I asked, “I’m trying to think of a good a reasonable purpose in selling them so many, but I just can’t see it.  If they thought they could track each weapon, why would such a large volume be needed?  If they knew they would lose track of them, why do this at all?

Now I have my answer:

It has long puzzled observers of the case how the ATF planned to keep track of over 1,700 firearms dumped into Mexico by this operation.  Based on agent testimony before the House Oversight Committee, it looks like there was never any real thought given to tracking the weapons.  The geniuses who designed the Gun Walker concept and its “Operation Fast and Furious” were just waiting for crimes to be committed with the guns, presumably against Mexican civilians.  They planned to work backward from chalk outlines in Mexico to straw purchases in the United States.

So the short answer was, to the ATF bigwigs the ends justify the means.  Not that their ends were anything to crow about.

The plan was a miserable, bloody failure.  “Unfortunately, ATF never achieved the laudable goal of dismantling a drug cartel,” the House Oversight report concludes. “In fact, ATF never got close.”  After eighteen months, the program produced only twenty indictments… and all of them were gun buyers who were known to the ATF before Operation Fast and Furious began. The committee blasted claims of sweeping success by Special Agent in Charge William Newell as “incredible, false, and a source of much frustration to the agents” who voiced their concerns.

Of course it was a failure. This whole “operation” was even more hare-brained, half-assed, and cold-blooded than even a cynic like me could believe possible.  Yet again we see the wanton disregard for individual life that seems to be the hallmark of the bureaucrat.

Written by BornLib

June 15, 2011 at 8:03 pm

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