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CSGV’s freedom to rule other people’s lives

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Miguel has unleashed a most elegant takedown of yet another piece of brain-dead CSGV rhetoric: “OUR freedoms are endangered by THEIR guns.”

What Freedoms do you speak of Mr. Everitt? We have not threatened you and yours even when your ilk have planned on destroying our families. We are not forcing you into anything, yet you demand we must be disarmed because we make you feel “uneasy” as if were Negros attending a lunch counter in the 50’s. Your concept of right to be safe is to demand our women to be powerless and to fall victim of sexual predators. We must be powerless against intruders that invade our homes but that makes you happy and cheerful. You demand the right to tell lies, distortions and assassinate our characters and try to force us to be silent and not to confront our accusers.

We celebrate independence and that makes you mad since Victimhood is your banner. After millions and millions of bytes of “information” you have sent through the webs, I have yet to see one single item where you criticize or condemn a criminal for attacking a law abiding citizen of this country. But you had no qualms on assailing peaceful common folks whose only “sin” is to own a gun.

It is amazing how CSGV, an entity dedicated entirely to taking away the natural rights of others through coercion, has the gall to talk about freedom.

Written by BornLib

May 26, 2011 at 3:01 pm

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