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HotAir: Supreme Court orders release of over 30,000 prisoners in CA

California will have to release over 30,000 inmates from its prison system to comply with a Supreme Court ruling earlier today.  The court cited chronic violations of inmates’ rights in its 5-4 decision.  The reductions will improve the delivery of health care services to the remaining inmates, claims the majority

I doubt California is going to be pulling 30,000 jail cells, parole officers, or police officers out of their back pocket.  If you live in California and were on the fence about buying a firearm for your protection, or better yet, moving someplace sane, I would say this is plenty of motivation.

This poses other questions as well.  What is California supposed to do with convicts now?  If they can’t add to the current level of inmates, then they’re going to have to release even more on a one-for-one basis, putting revolving doors on the prisons again.  The same will be true in other states, which had joined California in opposing the order, which now have to operate under a new Supreme Court mandate on prison populations.

Prison isn’t going to serve as much of a deterrent under these circumstances. The state is not equipped to deal with this, and short of some radical changes (i.e. judicial corporal punishment), that will not be changing. If you want to be secure in your persons, you’re going to have to take responsibility for it yourselves.

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May 23, 2011 at 1:43 pm

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