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Contrasting viewpoints on small guns

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Unlike last time, I don’t have a firm opinion in this debate, and I am still experimenting with the relevant products.

In this corner, we have YouTube sensation nutnfancy, with a new video called “The .380 ACP Sucks”


In this corner, we have team mousegun, featuring Caleb of Top Shot fame, with an article called “You really don’t need a pocket 9mm” and Eric of Gunmart fame, with an article called “Why You Don’t Need One of Those New Mini-9 Handguns.”

My personal experience with the relevant arms is confined to two trips to the rental counter at my local range.  On trip one, I rented a Kahr PM9.  Was it fun to shoot?  Heck no, but neither was it any worse than a snub nosed 38 special revolver.  On trip two, I rented a Ruger LCP.  It certainly did shoot a lot softer than the PM9.  However, the ammo costs twice as much, and if I didn’t keep a death grip on the LCP, it would fail to go into battery.  Accuracy was about equal in my hands, with the snappiness of the 9mm and the almost nonexistent sights on the .380 making life about equally difficult.

Since my last visit, the range has apparently made an LC9 available to rent, so I plan to give that a try.  I would also really like to try out the S&W Bodyguard 380, but sadly there isn’t one of those to rent.

If someone told me the sale of these guns were to be banned tomorrow and that if I want one I have to pick one right now, I’d pick the PM9, hands down, for power and reliability.  That’s my 2 cents.

Written by BornLib

May 19, 2011 at 4:38 pm

Posted in Self defense, Video

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