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GPal offline

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For those not familiar with GPal, it originated as Gunpal, a payment processing company that advertised itself as a firearms friendly alternative to PayPal, which does not allow their service to be used to buy or sell firearms, ammo, or various parts and accessories.  The cries of “Yay, the free market in action!” and such went up and there was much rejoicing.

Unfortunately, those running the Gunpal turned GPal operation totally halfassed it (assuming no criminal mischief was involved), and as a result a great deal of money became inaccessible to their customers.  Payments made by buyers could not be withdrawn by sellers, or refunded to the buyers.  These problems have persisted for about a year, financially crippling many customers.  During this period, GPal’s communication with customers experiencing these issues ranged from nonexistent to belligerent.

Now, if you try to go to their website, you first off get warned that they have an invalid security certificate. If you keep going, you get this:

Error: Wrong Host
The requested host is not found. This may happen due to the following reasons:

Domain does not exist.

Now isn’t that odd. Only one week ago, GPal emailed their customers this doozy:

Dear Valued GPal Customer,

As some of our customers have been acutely aware of, GPal has been experiencing difficulties related to Credit Card banks holding of customer funds. These problems exist with funds from transactions prior to March 09, 2011. As a result, GPal suspended credit cards entirely on March 9, 2011, leaving us with only Checking Accounts to fund transactions.

Unfortunately, it appears that these Credit Card holds are not going to be resolved anytime soon, so GPal is taking pro-active action to raise funds to cover the entirety of the hold, fund customer accounts, and provide for future expansion.

Due to the difficulty of raising funds for a payments company in the firearm space, we are enlisting your help in this process. GPal is offering a $10,000 referral fee* to any GPal user who introduces an Investor (VC, Angel, PE firm, etc.) that leads to a deal in excess of $1million. Please send introductions to with “Investor Introduction” in the Subject.

Please note that GPal is presently fully operational for checking account only transactions. Transactions originated on or after March 09, 2011 should now be processed within our 2-7 business day target.

GPal remains absolutely committed to providing the only pro-rights and non-discriminatory payment service in the world.



In a matter of days they went from “fully operational” to “does not exist.” Yep, I’m sure that would have been a million dollars well spent.

If you had money in a GPal account I think it is safe to assume that your money is gone and that your only hope of seeing any of it again is a lawsuit.

Written by BornLib

May 18, 2011 at 11:56 am

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  1. I have been trying to get over $800 that Gpal failed to transfer to my bank account (oh and I shipped the goods) for almost a year now. I’ve sent countless emails and have about a total of 100 hours on hold on the phone. My latest attempt (June 2011) was to send a certified letter to Gpals address in Napa, CA (I found this address online). A week later my certified letter requesting funds came back as no such address! A total scam!! I will support a class action lawsuit against this outfit!

    Jim Tuel
    Tuels for the Shooter

    Jim Tuel

    June 8, 2011 at 8:34 pm

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