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Talk about niche appeal

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“It’s the official car of Hatsune Miku.”

How many people in America do they actually expect to know what the heck they are talking about?  I mean, I know about Vocaloid because I am a massive geek, but we are talking about a subculture of otaku, which is a subculture of geekdom proper.

For the curious, here is a holographic concert featuring Miku singing the full song excerpted in the above commercial:

What I thought was neat was when some people realized Vocaloid was not bound my human limitations (though I prefer the visual interpretation of this song where Miku is using sign language while she sings).

Now the guy who seriously impresses me is Tripshots.  He writes the lyrics, composes the music, brings them to life using the Vocaloid software, and tops it off with extremely sophisticated CGI video, all pretty much by himself.

Written by BornLib

May 6, 2011 at 9:30 am

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