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A reminder that the restaurant carry ban is a backwards idea rejected by most states

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Hat tip to KnightOfTheOldeCode on the BFA Forum:

State Sen. Tim Schaffer: Other states fine with concealed weapons in bars

“We trust law-abiding citizens every day to carry concealed handguns for their own protection. I have yet to see statistical evidence that doing so has created a threat to public safety, specifically from the 42 other states that allow concealed-carry in establishments serving alcohol.

When a similar bill passed the Senate last year, then-Gov. Ted Strickland promised to sign it. This time around, the bill is co-sponsored by the Democratic minority leader. That is hardly the fringe agenda The Dispatch suggests, and, more important, it demonstrates a unique, bipartisan respect for the constitutional rights of law-abiding Ohioans.”

Kudos to Senator Schaffer for giving Dispatch customers something worth reading.

Written by BornLib

April 23, 2011 at 8:16 pm

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